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Direct CPV

Using Direct CPV / PPV Advertising to Drive Laser Targeted Traffic to your Website, Blog, or CPA Offers


I have been doing PPV advertising for quite some time, but had not tried Direct CPV until very recently.  I have used Lead Impact quite successfully, and think that I have found a great technique of converting your offers!  I suggest Direct CPV for its low start up cost of $100, compared to Lead Impact ($200), and Traffic Vance ($1000).

Direct CPV

Although it takes a little while to deposit if you work at night, like I often do, it is well worth it.  The bids are extremely low, depending on your category or niche of choice, and work extremely well for e-commerce sites too.

So what’s the big secret?

Although some people have success with PPV advertising by direct linking their campaigns, I tend to agree with the majority of successful online marketers…. Landing pages are essential for any PPV campaign.  The thing about Pay Per View marketing is that most people are annoyed by pop-ups, and instantly exit them without ever seeing or reading the content.  There are a few things that can be managed to overcome that obstacle, and get some viewers to a page.  The big problem in my opinion is that if your website’s bounce rate gets high due to people exiting the ad, or not engaging with your site, it will negatively affect your search engine rankings.

Make a Niche, Targeted blog to support your offers!

For the long term, it is quite important to make a niche specific blog/website to sell products, or generate leads.  Some popular choices include health, credit, and giveaways.  I suggest that you build a reputable blog using wordpress.  If you are not comfortable with wordpress, or think it’s for rookies, it really isn’t.  A great website can be made in a day or two… The important factors are good content, easy navigation, and a nice look.

Make a Sales Page on your Blog

I’m sure that you’ve seen sales pages for every type of product imaginable.. You either read it all, or you exit immediately.  MAKE A VIDEO.  If you are a great actor, make your own video, upload it to Youtube, and embed it on the top of your sales page.  Instead of ignoring the pop-up, the user will hear the promotion, and hopefully click over to what you have to offer!  I know it seems obvious, but make sure that your video automatically plays when someone arrives on your website.

Use Your Resources

Hire somebody at Fiverr to make you a video and possibly some content (if you don’t want to write it), and make your blog informative… I know it seems that it wouldn’t matter since we’re funneling traffic through it, but the added benefit is that you can catch some users that want to read your blog.  This could eventually end up in a sale from somebody who otherwise wouldn’t have clicked through.


Use the Design to Your Advantage

Make sure that you implement widgets with eye catching ads for users to click on as well as banners.  Once the user has decided to click your ad based upon your “commercial”, that means that they are interested in what you have to say and offer.  All of the traffic that gets directed toward it’s final destination (be it a store or an affiliate offer) has already shown interest in you, and now you can market to them!

Once your site is looking great, has eye-catching promotions, and is on topic, drive traffic with DirectCPV directly to your sales page!  Make sure you’re tracking your blog using Google Analytics, or something similar.  You should see poor numbers for retention and engagement for your sales page because that is the ad that is popping up, but the targeted audience that you will be reaching will be maximized.

user engagement

While all webmasters and marketers are looking for the all mighty Traffic source, the reality is that endless amounts of traffic can be useless without targeted engaged users.  So how do you increase user engagement on your websites?

There are many options available, and different techniques that can be used to help keep visitors on your site, and monetize their visits.

1.  Offer Valuable Content

This one is fairly obvious, but always necessary.  No matter what niche or subject your website is covering, it is always important to provide your visitors with information that isn’t available elsewhere.  Even if the topic has been covered a million times by every website out there, put your own spin on things, and add your own flare that will inspire your users to return, or visit your other posts or pages.

2.  Offer something for free

Everybody loves free stuff!  Whether it is an e-book, a free sample, or anything else related to your website, people are going to be engaged and share your site with their friends if they are offered something for free!  Hands down…  Try a few different things, but don’t limit yourself.  Frequently offering free bonuses that help your visitors solve a problem will keep them coming back!

3.  Offer useful tools on your websitewordpress keyword tool

Offering tools or even games on your website that will help or entertain your user (depending on the purpose of your site) will obviously keep them coming back.  A perfect example, in the website building or IM niche, is offering a keyword tool on your website.  If you have a wordpress site, add this plugin: WordPress Keyword Plugin
You will have a fully functional keyword research tool on your site that will help people in their SEO.  Keep them on your site longer, and get them to trust you, knowing that you are offering helpful services for free!

4.  Don’t just sell

Most websites are aimed at making a profit, whether it is accomplished by selling affiliate products, hosting banner ads, selling physical products, or digital products.  Don’t make every post or page solely a sales pitch.  If you’re going to pitch at all, make it subtle.  You want your visitors to want to continue to read your content, not feel pressured, and not think that they are just being pitched a product.  As you can see, I offer many useful products and services on my website, but I aim to create helpful FREE content so people will visit my site.  If they are interested in any of the items or services, then they will decide for themselves.

I know that most of this information isn’t groundbreaking, but these four rules should almost always be followed for bloggers and website owners alike.  If you have anything to add, please leave them in the comment section below.  Thanks!

super affiliates

A Super Affiliate is somewhat of a broad term, and is defined very differently among each affiliate network or program.  In general, most networks describe someone as a super affiliate when they make a certain dollar amount of commissions in a given time period.  I would assume that it is safe to say that most would be upwards of $100,000 per year.

On a smaller level, super affiliates are those that completely dominate one niche, or the promotion of one company’s items.  In the Pay Per Sale world, with networks such as Commission Junction or Share a sale, if one publisher garners enough attention from one merchant to give them personal attention, they are considered a super affiliate.  These are the people that they want promoting their products.

Pareto’s principal (the 80:20 rule) shows that 80% of the sales come from 20% of the customers, or in this case 20% of the affiliates.  The other 80% are barely scraping by, or not making any sales at all, so merchants don’t spend much time or effort concentrating on helping those affiliates.  Those in the top 20%, on the other hand, can be waited on hand and foot, and given much better rates, promotional materials, or payment options.

On a broad spectrum, super affiliates are those who maintain a full time, and very generous living, solely from affiliate marketing.  Many of these people have a large following, and promote products through their mailing lists.  Their key is relationships with their followers, friends, members, and subscribers.  They give lots of free helpful information, create their own products, and every now and then recommend other peoples’ products.  Once trust has been built, their subscribers are much more likely to open the e-mails that are sent, and purchase products that they suggest.  In most cases these are clickbank products, softwares, seminars, and videos.

One person that I like to model my work after is Mike Filsaime.  I am a member of his mailing list, and not many others.  I open his e-mails because I know he is a VERY successful entrepreneur, and promotes primarily products that he believes in.  He has generated somewhere around 30 million dollars in profits marketing online in the past decade… When I can, I will share some of his insight, and obviously give him credit, as it is well deserved!

Stay with me as I continue to make posts, and we will get you to the Super Affiliate level if you really want to be there!

Please post in the Make Money With CPA Marketing Forums with questions, suggestions, of any topics in which you would like to discuss!  I want to make a community of closely knit marketers that can share their opinions, and work together to make money!

expert image


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In this video, Willie Crawford, an expert affiliate marketer gives you 7 fantastic ways to generate a tremendous amount of traffic to your affiliate offers, and build a brand! Taking affiliate marketing tips from the best experts is essential for anybody to grow… This post isn’t exactly focused on CPA marketing, but is a fantastic way to start your own brand and begin creating information products, and selling those of others. Very good advice!

If you have any questions about the video, please comment below, contact me on skype, or ask away in the forum!

Thanks and good luck!



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Whether you are direct linking to your CPA offers, or using your own landing page, it is essential that you are tracking CPA offers. Prosper202 is a common free system that many people (including myself) use to track PPC and PPV campaigns.

Just to note, even if you are direct linking to your offers, you must have a domain name to host the prosper software. If you have signed up for HostGator or another hosting platform using cPanel, the following video will show you how to install Prosper202. Since this video was so well done, I didn’t find it necessary to create my own.

Prosper202 Installation – How To Install Prosper202

Hopefully, if you were unclear about how to install prosper202 previously, you are now able to do so. This will allow you to track each campaign that you run on each traffic source. It is common to test each keyword until it has spent the amount that the offer pays. For example, if an offer pays out $1.40/lead, it is commonly advised to run each keyword for that amount of money. If it converts, then run it for another $1.40, and continue. If it doesn’t convert, obviously remove the keyword from your campaign, unless for some reason you believe it to be a fluke. With prosper202, you have the ability to see the exact profit/loss for each keyword, assuming that you passed the keywords through to the software via your search platform.

If you’re not yet a member of Peerfly, I highly suggest joining. Not only are they arguably the top CPA network, they offer great support, and are continuously adding features to help their publishers. Luke Kling is a great affiliate manager, and runs a blog to help with anything Peerfly. Below is his video showing how to setup a Peerfly campaign for tracking on Prosper202. Again, I didn’t find it necessary to make another video, as his is very good!

Setup your PeerFly Campaign on Prosper202

Once you have set up your first campaign, and I do suggest starting with only one, or maybe two, then you are ready to start tracking! Without proper tracking, it will be nearly impossible to profit in the long run. It may seem tedious at first, but once you get the hang of it, it will just be another easy step in the process!

I’ll see you in the green!

pay per view advertising

What is PPV marketing?

PPV marketing stands for pay per view. This is far different from most other sorts of advertising as you basically have one shot to really impress a potential customer to visit your site, or complete an offer…

The two big players are TrafficVance and LeadImpact. TV had a minimum initial deposit of $1000, whereas LI allows an initial deposit of $200.. Therefore, most people start with LeadImpact to learn the ropes.

Both companies have proprietary software that is downloaded by users who play games, download toolbars, or subscribe to receive the ads in some other way. When a person has their software installed they have agreed to see targeted ads in the form of pop under windows.

Advertisers can target customers based on keywords or URLs, so when the user visits a specific site, the highest bidding advertiser’s ad is displayed.

Each network uses their own dimensions for the ads, so this is a major factor in creating an ad. Advertisers are allowed to direct link to affiliate offers, as opposed to many PPC networks. The downside is that more than likely people will see the same types of offers repeatedly.

There are two ways to get around this issue, which I will go into further in later posts. You can create your own eye catching landing page, using quality graphics, catchy words, sounds or video, and proper sizing. You can also consider targeting related niches rather than the obvious, which will hopefully help you avoid going up against identical ads and offers.

Although this was a brief introduction, I wanted to give you a basis for PPV marketing, and get you thinking about some basic strategies before you get started. Ideally, you will take this knowledge, process it, and come up with your own variations so you can beat the competition!!!



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Even though I wrote in my book that I was a fan of Hostgator’s Website builder, and also a big advocate of the free software “Kompozer” for my web design, I have since been hooked on WordPress.

I recently read that 18% of the web is currently using WordPress for their design. So, why use wordpress?

1. It is completely free to use if you have hosting!
2. Not many coding skills are needed to produce a tremendous website.
3. There are countless free and paid plugins that make life so much easier for the designer.
4. There are so many themes available for free (or premium if you prefer).
5. With the correct plugins in place, WordPress is set up for perfect on-page SEO optimization!
6. Do I need to list any other reasons?

If you are yet to build a website, or have 1 or more not utilizing WordPress, I highly suggest trying it out! What has made it even easier is its easy installation within cPanel.

If you don’t yet have a cPanel hosting account, I highly suggest trying HostGator:

For about $10/month, they allow you to host unlimited websites, subdomains, e-mail addresses, and have countless other free features to enhance your website.

Once you have registered, and purchased a domain name of your choice, go to your cPanel and click on Quick Install near the bottom. Although there are countless options available, I suggest wordpress, as I’ve mentioned. Click the wordpress link on the left, choose your domain from the list, and click install. You will be provided your admin address, username (chosen by you), and your password (which can be changed once logged in). That’s all there is to it! You have successfully installed wordpress onto your domain, now it is up to you to choose a theme, the proper plugins, and add the content that is fitting for you!

There are countless exceptional plug-ins, but I recommend at least installing WordPress SEO, Google XML sitemaps, and it should come loaded with a cache plugin. The rest all depends on the purpose of your website.

Give it a try, and let me know if you have any questions!

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